Example worksheets

The worksheets are in the Jupyter Notebook format (ipynb). They can be read directly in the browser by just clicking on their title.

To download a worksheet and run it on your computer, click on [ipynb] and open the Jupyter/SageMath notebook with

sage -n jupyter worksheet_file.ipynb

2-dimensional manifolds

3-dimensional manifolds

Tensor algebra

Maximally symmetric spacetimes

Black hole spacetimes

Other examples regarding black hole spacetimes are posted here.

Examples regarding black branes in 5-dimensional spacetimes: black branes in Lifshitz-like spacetimes and Vaidya-Lifshitz solution

Cosmological spacetimes

Other examples in General Relativity

Examples in solid state physics and electromagnetism

Analysis on manifolds

See also the tutorial for a basic introduction to SageManifolds